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My name is Elsa,
I am from London, England and I am currently studying Philosophy in Sheffield. I like writing things. I get paid to blog about art which is pretty cool. I'm going into journalism because I want to show people that the world can be different and this is the only way I know how to make them listen. I'm crazy enough to edit my university paper. I also work part time as a PA helping people with severe disabilities.
Speaking of which, my lungs recently stopped being good at lung things, so now I can't work as much or really do things much at all.
I spend much of my time on Tumblr just geeking out and lurking poetry blogs.
My more annoying attributes include ardent feminism, obsessive grammar nazi-ism and a tendency to blog about my life. Also multi-shipping. I have a lot of mental health issues but I'm doing okay.

We Talked about this.
Personal space.

Zachary Alsop, Ballet San Jose


i told you not to do the jazz squares

it’s a crowd favorite everyone loves a good jazz square

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boy, are u dutch because amsterdamn

This makes no sense. Amsterdam is in Germany.

I’m in Amsterdam right now and lemme fuckin tell u it is not in germany


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Does anyone know if anyone sells like pretty/blinged up inhalers or nebulisers?

I have this vision where my inhaler and aerochamber and nebuliser are like bright pink and covered in jewels and really obnoxious.

If this shit isn’t already for sale I might have to start making it myself!!